Blast from the Past: Gator Paris

Christian, Gator & Dave Duncan skating a ramp in Paris on their first trip to Europe.

Blast from the Past: hosoiskates.comParis
Video by fishmanSK8.

Daniel Cardone: Volume Video V

According to this week’s SkateDaily Top 3, Daniel Cardone’s, nose knows. Knows what we don’t know. But I do know you should check out Cardone’s part from Volume Video.

Editor - Director: Marcello Guardigli

Videographers: Marcello Guardigli - Federico Tognoli

Super 8mm: Marcello Guardigli

Video Super Visors: Tom Flaherty - Anton Jeandet

Team Hosoi: Contest Photos

Lincoln Ueda x Tweaked Air x Rumble in Ramona

Pedro Barros x Sergie Ventura x Rock the Cradle

Daniel Cardone x BS Crail x X-Games

Aaron Astorga x Sergie Ventura x Coastal Carnage

x Anti-Judo x Bucky’s Bowl-B-Q

SERGIE VENTURA: Rock the Cradle

Here’s some video from last weekends ‘Rock the Cradle’ event
at the Houston Skatepark, in memory of Johnny Romano
and to support more research into child luekemia.

Sergie tied with Pedro Barros at 8’8″ in the High Air contest.

TEAM HOSOI: Rumble in Ramona 2 Recap

So you saw the Thrasher video already? 
Well now check out some more of Christian and Lincoln from the Rumble.

The Rumble isn’t a contest by any normal standards,
but with Lincoln’s stylish and bio airs he was determined to be the day’s winner.

Christian was blasting all kinds of air.
Pics: MRZ/ConcreteDisciples -More Pics & Article Here

hosoiskates.comlaying down on the job.
Pic: Dave Swift -More Pics Here

Video Clip from The Skateboard Mag -CLICK HERE
Video clip from SoCalSkateparks -CLICK HERE

JASON VANZANT: Manual Montage

[media id=8 width=500 height=375]
Warm up manual session with Jason Vanzant

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Team Hosoi: Rumble in Ramona Thrasher Video

Here is Thrasher’s video recap of this years Rumble in Ramona

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine

You want highlights from Ramona? How about Mountain, Navarrette, Red, Hosoi, Frazier, Crum, Schaaf, Barros, and Glifberg. Raybourn broke his arm, T-Mag got escorted out, the pin-ups contest was cancelled, and Lincoln Ueda ripped all day and was announced the winner. See you next year.

LINCOLN UEDA: Burnout’s Early Rumbling

Over at Thrasher’s site, BURNOUT
has some sick flicks from the night before the Rumble.

Click on the image above to see more.


Andre Genovesi X Blisss Magazine Interview October Issue
Heverton Ribeiro Photos X Bob Burnquist Text


LINCOLN UEDA: Rumble II Warm-Up Session

Rumble in Ramona 2 is this weekend. Here’s some Thrasher footage.

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine