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HOSOI: Joker’s Pool Party

Check out the article and all the photos from the Jokers Pool Party on Concrete Disciples.

ANDRE GENOVESI: Thrasher Febuary

THRASHER MAGAZINE: Rumble in Ramona 2 Article

Thrasher just posted the Rumble in Ramona 2 Article from the January Issue with some extra photos from Rhino.


Andre just launched his photo blog. Lots of killer photos, news, videos, and more.

Team Hosoi: Contest Photos

Lincoln Ueda x Tweaked Air x Rumble in Ramona Pedro Barros x Sergie Ventura x Rock the Cradle Daniel Cardone x BS Crail x X-Games Aaron Astorga x Sergie Ventura x Coastal Carnage x Anti-Judo x Bucky’s Bowl-B-Q

TEAM HOSOI: Rumble in Ramona 2 Recap

So you saw the Thrasher video already?  Well now check out some more of Christian and Lincoln from the Rumble. The Rumble isn’t a contest by any normal standards, but with Lincoln’s stylish and bio airs he was determined to be the day’s winner. Christian was blasting all kinds of air.Pics: MRZ/ConcreteDisciples -More Pics & Article Here [...]

LINCOLN UEDA: Burnout’s Early Rumbling

Over at Thrasher’s site, BURNOUT has some sick flicks from the night before the Rumble. Click on the image above to see more.


Andre Genovesi X Blisss Magazine Interview October Issue Heverton Ribeiro Photos X Bob Burnquist Text CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE OCTOBER ISSUE ONLINE


The guys over at Concrete Disciples already have an article and pics up from this weekend bowl event in Bucky’s backyard.Christian getting Bio The size of the bowl even allowed for a slalom event to take place inside of it.Aaron Astorga scorching through the corner into 1st place. **ARTICLE AND PICS AT CONCRETEDISCIPLES.COM** Couple more [...]

Le Grande Skate Event: Venice Beach

Win a pair of tickets* to this Saturday’s VIP celebration of the Venice Beach Skatepark’s grand opening. For your chance to win be the first to identify the Venice Beach locals at this session.Just need the locals not the lurkers **UPDATE: was the first to respond with the skaters names. Pic 2 is Jesse [...]